The New Normal Season 1 Review “The XY Factor”: Bryan’s Boy Troubles

The New Normal is hitting its stride and I think it’s also completing its goal of normalizing the idea of a gay couple for tons of Americans. Let’s be honest; with as many Americans (myself included) who are all for LGBT rights–including the right to marry–there is still a big percentage of the country still not ready for the changes going on in our country. This show is going a long way to help get them prepared, because when 2013 comes, social issues are going to be even more no-holds-barred than they already are.

Enough with the soapbox–I need to tell you about what happened in this episode, "The XY Factor." In this episode, we learn the gender of Bryan and David’s baby! Goldie went against Bryan and David’s wishes of not knowing the gender of the baby until birth and took an ill-advised trip to the gynecologistherself. The doctor told her she’s having a boy ("the superior gender," in his words). The knowledge makes David’s day–he’s always wanted to have a boy to do stereotypical boy things with, like play football, obsess over David’s World Series baseball collection and play catch. But Bryan immediately gets freaked out. He didn’t have a very good relationship with his father and he feels that David will be seen by their son as the actual "dad." Read More...


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