'Supernatural' Season 8 theory: Is Sam Winchester imagining his Amelia flashbacks?

It's rare for "Supernatural" fans to agree with each other -- but from what we've seen this season, most viewers aren't particularly enamored of the flashbacks to Sam's life with love interest Amelia while Dean was in Purgatory. Indeed, in a show that's never focused on romance, the numerous scenes showing the progression Sam and Amelia's relationship seem a bit out of place. After this week's episode, Hunteri Heroici, some fans are theorizing that the misty watercolored memories are in fact hallucinations -- a dream world constructed by Sam's broken mind to cope with his loneliness after Dean's disappearance.In the season premiere, we saw Sam sneak out of Amelia's bed and go to meet Dean at Rufus' cabin, while a mysterious figure watched him from the shadows. Flashbacks have shown them meeting at her veterinary office, arguing about his general creepiness, sharing an idyllic birthday picnic at a park, and finally bonding over their respective...



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