'Survivor' star Jonathan Penner mouths off about annoying Abi, his fatal mistake and 'fantastically exciting' game

Jonathan Penner entertained up until his very last moment on "Survivor: Philippines" -- one of the most memorable exits in the show's history -- and the latest castoff didn't disappoint in our exit interview today. From Abi's annoying obliviousness to his own stupidity, Penner weighed in with brutal honesty and razor-sharp wit about his third time playing the game. Why are we speaking with you this morning instead of Abi -- how did everyone allow her to claim the advantage in the auction? I didn't know that there was an advantage to be sold at the auction. The time that I'd been in a food auction, yes, we had something, but it was a disadvantage -- you bought something that put another player at a disadvantage. But I thought I was sitting a lot prettier than I obviously was, but I wasn't thinking about that. I was just hungry. In fact I kicked a** in...



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