Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 4 Review

Love is in the air on this week’s Some Girls, as both Saz and Viva get involved with inappropriate men. For Viva it’s the local bad boy who allegedly killed a one-armed man in the kebab shop, and for Saz it’s a seemingly perfect boyfriend who her friends are sure she made up.

It might be just because we’ve had time to get used to the characters, but Some Girls is getting more and more enjoyable each week. All four girls have a great chemistry together and, while they can sometimes be loud and over the top, all of them are promising comedy actresses. This is especially true for Amber and Holli, who both get to pick up the slack while the other half of the group are off chasing boys. The main story thread running through this week’s episode is Amber’s pizza club, which turns out to be a Christian group that lures students in with free food and hot chocolate. Read More...


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