American Horror Story Asylum Season 2 “Dark Cousin” Review – Clarifying The Chain Of Command

I’ve heard really mixed things from friends that have been watching American Horror Story this season. Half of the people seem to like it, half of the people think that the show needs to go back to the method that was presented in season one. Personally, I am loving everything that Ryan Murphy and crew are doing with Asylum. I adore seeing the same actors from last season in completely different roles, and I am supremely enjoying that the show continues to be scary, but without using the same elements that we saw in the first season.

In "Dark Cousin", Sister Jude has left Briarcliff. It’s now up to Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden to run the asylum, and Mary Eunice quickly puts to rest exactly who is in charge… here’s a hint: it ain’t Arden. In fact, Arden tries to muscle his way into a command post, and when he’s about to deliver a second slap to Mary Eunice she throws him across the room. Hey, it’s not like she didn’t warn him. Read More...


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