CSI Season 13 Review “Strip Maul” – The Sum of the Parts

This week’s episode of CSI, "Strip Maul," harkened back to the good old days so much that it almost made up for last week’s yawn-fest. Opening with Nick and Sara out on the streets of Vegas with the mobile crime unit reminded me of an episode like "Fight Night," only amplified to a higher degree. It was six degrees of separation in one crazy night on the Strip and it made for a surprisingly entertaining hour.

What first seemed like a half-dozen misdemeanors quickly turned into an intricate web of crime that revolved around a drug boss trying to take out the preppy white boy dealer who was nosing in on his turf. In fact, the episode’s only low moment was the city attorney’s son’s speech about being a player; it felt a teensy bit too on the nose, like a writer pretending to be a kid pretending to be a big shot. Read More...



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