Glee Season 4 Episode 8 Review “Thanksgiving”

After thoroughly hating last week’s superhero filler episode of Glee, a good old, familiar, competition episode has brought me back on side just in time for ‘Thanksgiving’ (wait, wasn’t that last week?). The whole gang are home for the holiday just like they promised and, for the first time this year, that includes Quinn. The only members of the old New Directions not back in Ohio are Kurt and Rachel, who decide to spend the weekend with each other in New York.

First off, it’s absolutely amazing to see the original cast back together, and having Quinn walk the halls of McKinley again was certainly worth the wait. None of us know for sure what the thinking was behindcasting this year, but the writers do seem to be preparing us for a whole new Glee. Are the old characters going to be phased out completely at some point? We’ve now had two full New York-less episodes and we’ve only just been given a full-house of originals, so it’s certainly possible. What tonight’s episode reminded me of, however, was how great the show used to be, and how much better I like the old cast than the new. Read More...


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