The Office Season 9 Review “The Target”

Though "The Office" has been pretty hit-or-miss this season, it has been better overall than last season, and one thing is certain, when in doubt, they lean hard on Dwight. Such was the case with"The Target" and, as with the other more Dwight-centric episodes this season, it paid off in dividends, this time even leading to some surprisingly touching moments- and at least one hilariously awkward one.

Last week, Oscar accidentally let the cat out of the bag about his secret relationship with Angela’s man, the Senator. However, it wasn’t entirely clearly whether or not Angela had realized what was up, and it seemed as if he was in the clear, given that she was still being civil to him. Alas, as it turned out, she was indeed aware and was plotting something nefarious. She recruited Dwight to help, leading to the aforementioned hilarity, when Dwight mistook Angela’s wanting to meet up clandestinely with him for a come-on and was waiting for her sans clothes! Hello! Read More...


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