The League Season 4 Review “The Vapora Sport”

After a few off episodes, "The League" was firmly back in the zone with "The Vapora Sport," which played all the world like a peak-era episode of "Seinfeld," down to all the wacky catch-phrases and bizarre set-ups that paid off in decidedly unexpected ways throughout.

The title referred to a pair of shoes that Pete coveted but were snagged by a handicapped man (J.B. Smoove) at a shoe store, forcing him to go with a lesser pair of the brand, sans the cleat-style soles he preferred. The trade-off cost Pete when he tried to show off for a hot blonde (the delectable Meredith Giangrande) and couldn’t get the traction he needed to help push her car and he slipped and fell, busting open his chin. Read More...


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