It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Review “Frank’s Back in Business”

In this week’s "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Frank got back into the game again, in the aptly-titled "Frank’s Back in Business." The game of what, exactly, it’s hard to say, but clearly he was good at it, because when the going got tough at the company he founded, they called in Frank, aka "The Warthog" to sort things out. Taking along Charlie as his right-hand man, despite his lack of a discernible skill set (Dennis: "Charlie can’t read."/ Frank: "He’ll adapt."/ Dennis: "He’ll adapt to reading?"), Frank donned his best office wear and the boys were off and running.

Meanwhile, Dee, Dennis, and Mac called the "24-hour rule" into effect on a wallet that someone left behind and took possession of the contents, which included Canadian money, an ID, and tickets to a game, which the threesome wasted no time in going to, discovering the glories of a box seat. Unfortunately, it turned out the gentleman whose identity they stole was there to discuss a business transaction, forcing the group to adopt different rules, with brother and sister posing as husband and wife and Mac posing as their bodyguard! Read More...


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