Nashville Season 1 Review “Lovesick Blues” – The Best of Enemies

In thinking back over "Lovesick Blues," this week’s episode of Nashville, I was surprised at how little actually happened during the hour, but even more surprised to find that it was kind of okay. I mean, we got to see Rayna finally tell off Juliette, something that was a long time in coming. Tell me you didn’t love that!

In exchange for being allowed to use her rock producer on her next album, Rayna agreed to close outher label’s big showcase concert by singing a duet with Juliette. Despite absolutely despising each other (although Rayna is the only one who actually has a reason to; Juliette is just a brat), the two stars managed to write a song together overnight after they were unable to agree on what to sing. Was it a good song? Eh, I won’t be downloading it from iTunes, but it seemed to make the label guys pretty happy. Read More...


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