Jersey Shore Recap: Trash Bag Redux

Hi, guys! It's been a while. How was your Thanksgiving? Good? Any bugs crawl up your "nani" and lay eggs in there? No? Phew!

Well, this was actually a pretty eventful-ish week for the guidos and -ettes, which is good, because we're in what I believe is called "the home stretch." Seriously, can you believe that we only have three episodes left of this? And the inevitable spinoffs, specials, repeats, marathons, and reunion shows? I sure as hell can't!

This week, the house threw Snooki a "shore shower." I know what you're thinking, but there was actually no powder thrown on anybody and no invasive cavity search. That is for prison. This was of the baby variety. Of course, this provided ample opportunity to bring back last season's most irritating plot (hahaha) point, the "tension" between Mike and Jionni. Seriously? This again? Lord, have mercy on us all. Read More...


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