The Office Recap: Play the Right Notes

There's just no point in starting with anything other than naked Dwight, is there? After finally finding out about the Senator's stepping out, Angela told Dwight she needed to meet him in the old place. Dwight misinterpreted what this meant. There's no real way of playing this off, but bless him for trying. ("I always work out without my clothes.")

Dwight's nude gymnastics may have seared eyeballs even with the pixilation, but the fact that it happened "at the old place," a.k.a. the secret sex location Angela and Dwight were using a few seasons ago, felt significant. At its best, The Office was more than just a funny show. It was a show where there was a sense of history, that these characters lived in a real world and things that had happened in the past mattered. It gave the characters weight and rewarded you for following along. Read More....


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