Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Nobody Puts Monkey in the Corner

Chuck’s overturned living quarters foreshadowed exactly what the episode would be: a hot mess with a sad Monkey barking helplessly in complete and utterdistress. (In this scenario, Monkey equals us, of course.) The writers decided to gut out the Upper East Side entirely — and while any semblance of "normalcy" has long been gone, we spent this episode gagging at scenes nobody wanted to see. Derena came back full force, frolicking, giggling, and making amends; S waltzed around B’s pop-up with her glittered-out cleavage rhombus on full display; Ivy slavishly clung onto WVdW and then pouted to him like a daughter would, making every viewers’ eyeballs twitch; Bart Bass stripped down to his skivvies; Mr. Waffles got long-conned; both Nate and Chuckles had solo scenes of them chugging their sorrows away; and Chair "ended" all because of the useless "pact" and Lily. Read More....



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