Bones Sneak Peeks: A Real Gender Bender

On Monday's Bones, Brennan refuses to guess if a victim was male or female after inspecting a skull because Hodgins is present. He's a fellow scientist, so it's not the same as making her determinations in front of Booth.

Living together means fewer inhibitions and no self-consciousness ... TMI!

Later, Booth consoles Brennan after the team learns that the victim was just 14 years old. Sge makes it clear there is no empirical evidence that ghosts exist, but her emotions definitely do. It's okay to cry, Brennan.

Finally, in the last of the four "stand-alone" or "bonus" episodes held over from Season 7, Brennan and baby Christine share a tender moment in the kitchen… rocking out to Foreigner's hit single "Hot Blooded."

Watch three sneak peeks from "The Ghost in the Machine" below:


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