CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Blood Out”

This week on "CSI" NY," it was the newbie Jamie Lovato’s turn at bat in "Blood Out." While I didn’t mind the episode on the whole, it did seem vaguely unfair that we hadn’t quite made our way through the main cast each getting a character-centric episode before moving on to the new kid on the block. (The preview indicated that fan fave A.J. Buckley, aka Adam, would be next at bat- can Dr. Sid be far behind?)

That said, they had to get around to Lovato eventually, so why not space out things with this palate cleanser of an episode? Though the plot wasn’t necessarily anything we hadn’t seen before in God knows how many movies and TV shows, this take take on it did have a few interesting wrinkles here and there, and definitely some memorable scenes throughout.

The first attention grabber came with a pan out of a multi-tattooed body hanging from the ceiling which revealed that there was nothing below the waist, at least until it panned down a few feet below and we saw the bottom half of the victim, indicating that the body had been neatly shorn in half. Ouch! It was pretty gory stuff, and put me in the mind of "The Walking Dead." Read More...



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