Merlin Series 5 Review “With All My Heart” — Can Gwen Be Saved?

After the news that series 5 of Merlin is to be the last, I think we were all justified in expecting ‘WithAll My Heart’ to blow us away and remind us just why we love this show. For some fans it may have done just that, but I find myself continually amazed at how close Merlin comes to excellence before suddenly veering away.

This episode saw the evil!Gwen storyline get wrapped up after her being Morgana’s puppet for most of four episodes. ‘With All My Heart’ actually opened on an amazing premise — Gwen snuck out to rendezvous with Morgana, but the audience saw that Arthur and Merlin were watching. After being disappointed by Merlin’s silence on the matter last week, I was glad to see that he’d finally broached the subject with Arthur. Read More...


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