Dexter Season 7 Review “The Dark…Whatever”

"Is that what we’re talking about? Your dark…rider?" – Hannah
"Dark passenger…Ok, I guess it sounds a little funny when you say it out loud." – Dexter

Thank you, Dexter, for finally admitting just how ridiculous the "Dark Passenger" title sounds. And a big applause for Hannah for being the second person this season, behind Deb, to call him out on how silly it is! It’s definitely a title that worked well in the books, but just doesn’t translate well to spoken word.

Yes, tonight’s episode of Dexter had quite a few big revelations concerning Dexter’s compulsion in "The Dark…Whatever". The main story of the episode involved the Phantom Arsonist taking more victims, but we also got a very interesting little visit from Hannah’s dad! Read More...


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