The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Made to Suffer”

Well, that’s all for now folks! Tonight’s installment of The Walking Dead was the last episode we’ll get in 2012, and it was quite a doozy! Advancing multiple storylines forward, starting some new ones, and introducing several new characters; "Made to Suffer" had it all!

After the big cliffhanger from last week left us with Rick just about to swarm Woodbury, we are quickly introduced to Tyreese played by Chad Coleman of The Wire fame! We don’t learn much about this new group at first, but they take shelter in what turns out to be the same prison where Rick’s crew is holed up, and spurs some interesting drama later in the episode.

While I was excited to meet new characters, and especially if those new characters include Tyreese, I was a bit confused why it took as long as it did to catch back up with Rick’s raid on Woodbury. We had to watch Tyreese’s introduction, a scene between The Governor and Andrea and a scene between The Governor and his daughter before getting to the cliffhanger we all really wanted to see. It was a little strange to have to wait 12 minutes to see the storyline we all really cared about. Read More...


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