'The Good Wife' Recap: Goodbye, Nick

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 10 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled "Battle of the Proxies."

A lyric from "The Sound of Music" to sum up the big happenings of "The Good Wife": "So long, farewell/Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight" Nick!

That's right, Kalinda has "taken care" of Nick. Let's recap the pretty boring main case. Who knew I'd be more interested in Kalinda/Nick? Will defended a CEO in court against Laura (Amanda Peet), the best ASA ever, while Alicia helped the prosecutor in a neighboring county try and convict somebody else for the same murder. Yep. Anyway, Becky Ann Baker (wife of Dylan, the endearingly creepy Colin Sweeny on "The Good Wife,") of "Freaks & Geeks" fame finally guest starred as the defense attorney Alicia was trying to thwart. What took you so long, casting directors? I'd welcome her back for some revenge. Both clients were found guilty of the same murder and super ASA Laura started on her way to being Will's newest lover. Anyway ... to the good and awkward stuff. Read More...



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