The Good Wife Recap: Double Vision

You have to hand it to the Kings, they love their symmetry. They may leave us hanging for months — even entire seasons — waiting for plot threads to be resolved, but when it comes to milestones in a character’s arc, they’re all about the visual callback. Double stand-by-your-man press conferences for Alicia, double bathroom quickies for the Florricks, and this week, we’ve got the double Kalinda/Nick face-off. Their saga started in the dark with a gun back at the end of last season, and the final minutes of "Battle of the Proxies" made it look mighty likely that things have ended between the two of them in exactly the same way. This was no Blake-in-the-hotel-room-with-a-baseball-bat territory. Kalinda was scared here, and we could see it, but it wasn’t just about her anymore. Nick had threatened Alicia, so Nick was going down. After all of our disappointment (and concern) for Kalinda these past ten episodes with her uncharacteristic weakness in the face of Nick’s gross and abusive dynamics, it felt like a real return to Sexy Boots form that it would take involving Alicia to finally send her over the edge. Kalinda may have been in too deep to fully stand up for herself, but she wasn’t going to let anyone — skinny chest and psychosexual food foreplay be damned! — cross her friend. Read More...


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