Boardwalk Empire Recap: Somebody’s Always Gotta Lose

We open on a portrait of Rosetti’s men, standing outdoors on some anonymous night with hands raised in surrender. They are seen from behind, and lit with chiaroscuro effect by the car headlights beyond. As a formidable chorus of muzzle-blasts announces a mass execution, small pops of red liquid lift off the falling bodies, which collapse to the ground in slow motion. Once the firing dies down, Al Capone — making good on his closing promise in the last episode — steps forward and adds a single shot into an anonymous body. He’s one for clarity of purpose, this guy.

Atlantic City is drenched in a bloodbath. And the following montage makes clear how, opening cruelties aside, not all the losses are on one side. The sequence also gives us a (welcome) reminder that our favorite characters aren’t just charming scenery-chewers, when Chalky and Dunn murder a man in cold blood, inside a magazine-seller’s nook. These acts are intercut with clips of the mayor attempting, at various intervals, to explain the spate of murders to members of the press. There’s a note of comedy in the air, when the mayor avers that he runs the city, not Nucky Thompson. Read More....


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