The Walking Dead Recap: When Smoke (and Glass) Gets in Your Eyes

We begin with a group of survivors hacking their way through zombie-clogged woods. Except instead of familiar faces, we see new ones. There’s an African-American man named Tyreese who seems nice and calm and on top of things, not that that will probably matter much. My first thought, unfortunately, is that Tyreese will soon die or not be allowed to speak or tell us anything about himself and I’m hoping I’m wrong because the show is in serious need of breaking that pattern.

Tyreese is with four others. Three of them appear to be a family — a mom, dad, and teenage son. I’d swap any of them in for anyone on our regular crew (you can just insert "Except for Daryl" into any sentence where I say something like that). You might think that’s unfair, but they really do seem like a much better lot of human beings. They like each other. Tyreese appears to be their leader, which would be unheard of in our camp. When the mom gets bitten on the arm, the gang decides it’d be best for her horrified son if they tried to keep her alive as long as they could, instead of asking him to shoot her immediately in the head. Read More...


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