'Bones' recap: Bonding with the remains

"Bones" went the twisty, emotional route for its 150th episode, "The Ghost in the Machine." And this is a good thing. Even through the eyes of a dead teenager, solving a murder on "Bones" can be fascinating.The Case"The Ghost in the Machine" is, at its essence, a pretty standard "Bones" story. The two-year-old remains of a teenage boy are found partially buried in an abandoned greenhouse. Brennan immediately theorizes the age and sex of the victim, while Angela's facial reconstruction proves that the victim is Colin Gibson. As the clues and the suspects run through the story, we learn the following:Colin had a significant history of injuries, eventually explained by a daredevil, athletic lifestyle.His parents are crushed and not guilty of anything.Colin's friends turn out to be some older kids who encouraged crazy stunts and bravery.Discoloration of the skull indicates that the body had to have been moved -- from an abandoned shack to...



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