'Teen Mom 2': Bailed Out, But Not Free

Since Jenelle's mom refused to spring her from jail, she had to call a bondswoman she knows -- 'cause like, who doesn't have "bondswoman" in their phone right between Bahhbrahh and Brittany? "Sup B-woman?? N2M, just in jail. Halp?? K thx bi!" Still, someone has to co-sign for the bond, so Jenelle calls heavyweight champ Tori (the one who punched her out) to see that lady. Unfortunately, aforementioned lady does not answer the door by saying "I'm Bond. Bail bond," which I find disappointing.

With a $10,000 bond at 10 percent, Jenelle will owe $1,000 right off the bat. She only has $200, so if she doesn't pay it back, Tori will be held accountable. Tori doesn't mind. She's like, "Are you seeing my black hair and blonde bangs? Do I look as though I'm someone who sweats the small stuff, like looking attractive?" Everyone deserves to have a Tori in their life. Read More...



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