'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: F-Bombs, Cartwheels and Fun

And with just one "Shut the F*** up!", we're back in Ojai at dinner with the ladies of Beverly Hills. Kim and Brandi are FINALLY making up. They're talking through their issues with each other and the obstacles they've faced, and just when Kim starts to get choked up about everything, Adrienne has to chime in with the excessively loud mouth that's atop her freakishly tiny body and draw everyone's attention to Kim's tears. Brandi gets pissed and puts Adrienne in her place. I mean, what does Adrienne gain by alerting everyone to the private conversation that Brandi and Kim are having? Kim can hold her own. She's a fiesty little woman. If Brandi was truly upsetting her, Kim wouldn't be crying, Kim would be screaming and getting up in Brandi's face with childish retorts, as we've seen in the past. This was obviously a positive emotional release and Adrienne took her sharp voice as if it were a knife and stabbed it in the face.

Brandi Won't Back Down

Brandi might not be well-versed in basic table manners, but I gotta give her props for standing her ground. She continues to tell Adrienne to back off because the conversation she was having with Kim was private, and Adrienne keeps uttering, "well, I feel bad for her." Note to self: the next time Adrienne cries on this show, make sure to send her a tweet that says "UH OH, SOMEONE'S CRYING!" That might be stooping to her level (or probably lower) but, isn't that what Twitter is made for? 



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