The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Parking Spot Escalation” – All Your Space Now Belong to Sheldon

When the university gave Howard the parking spot that Sheldon could have had if he’d ever started driving, things quickly descended into all out war in "The Parking Spot Escalation," last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. And it wasn’t just the boys fighting; their conflict spilled over to Amy and Bernadette, but the person who paid the biggest price was poor Penny.

Everyone knows to stay out of Sheldon’s spot, but Howard never imagined that when he got a new carand a parking space to go along with it, that Sheldon would claim that tiny piece of the world, too. In all honesty, Sheldon didn’t really have any grounds to complain; if he wanted his spot, he should have gotten a car and started driving himself to work like a big boy. But for all of Sheldon’s Vulcan-esque qualities, common sense is the one that so often escapes him. Read More....


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