90210 Season 5 Review “902-100? – High School Never Ends, But College Never Started

Be honest. Did you really think that 90210 was going to make it to 100 episodes? Well, with this week’s ep, "902-100," they’re not at all ashamed to shove their five years in the faces of all the nay-sayers by giving us an episode that not only took us back to high school, but took us all the way to the Playboy mansion. Oh and Denise Richards was there. For some reason.

I always find it funny how TV characters who literally graduated two years earlier like to wax sentimental about high school as if they were at their twenty year reunion. For Naomi, high school never really ended, so of course she wanted to use homecoming as a chance to worm her way into an exclusive sorority of rich, married alumni headed by Denise Richards. Unfortunately, she found herself with some competition, forcing her to play dirty. Oh, let’s be honest. No one forces Naomi to play dirty; she enjoys the hell out of it. Read More...



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