Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “It’s Really Complicated” – It’s Really Not

I found the title of this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "It’s Really Complicated," sadly ironic. If anything, this belated Thanksgiving offering, the beginning of the final three episodes of the series, was anything but complex. Basically…and I cannot stress this enough and I don’t even care if my attitude towards him has driven readers away, because there’s two episodes left and then there will be no more reviews to comment on…but Dan totally got punched in the face.

It was awesome.

Why did he get punched? Because even though his feelings for Serena were wildly ambiguous throughout the entire episode, when it came right down to it, Dan proved himself to be a petty, jealous, insecure little boy when…just as he did with Blair…he absolutely couldn’t stand Serena even talking to an ex-boyfriend. Although he’d written two versions of his Serena chapter, he told his editors to publish the bad one, a move that got him dumped, punched and cast out of the Upper East Side. Read More...



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Dec 21, 2012 1:07AM EST

Team Dan all the way think the great Gatsby upper east side are bunch of 1% and the show jumped the shark long time ago.

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