Castle Season 5 Review “Secret Santa” – All I Want For Christmas

Because I am a stickler for tradition myself, this week’s episode of Castle, "Secret Santa," struck a particular cord. More often than I probably should, I really identify with Castle. He’s a lot like me except he’s male and ridiculously rich. Neither one of us like it when people don’t take tradition, especiallyChristmas traditions, as seriously as we do.

Poor Castle saw his perfect Christmas Eve plans with his mom, daughter and girlfriend almost ruined when they decided to deviate from the norm, or in Beckett’s case, shy away from the new. Even knowing Castle pretty well, Beckett couldn’t shake her bad memories of Christmas, as it was the season in which her mother was murdered. While I did love her reasoning for always working onChristmas Eve…she wanted to protect families on such a special night…I am glad she was able to get over it and find her way to Castle’s place. He would have come to her, but she’s the one who needs the most growth. Read More...


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