Storage Wars Season 4 Review “Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude” & “The Young and the Reckless”

Storage Wars kicked off its fourth season tonight with "Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude". With little to no fanfare, the first episode of a brand new season started the same way the rest of the episodes start: With the bidders all making their way to their next auction and talking crap about their opponents.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but you’d think that A&E would have slapped together a little something to get people more excited of a brand new season of one of their most popular shows. Maybe they could have shown an exciting montage of past moments, or maybe another one of those trailers featuring the bidders and a bunch of explosions. I realize that A&E made 26 episodes for season three, but only aired 20, so this episode should have belonged to season three. That’s possibly why it felt more like a middle-of-the-season episode than a season premiere. Read More...


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