Go On Season 1 Review “The World Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”

Well, that was unexpected.

One week after expressing my disappointment in the overall progress of the show, Go On trotted out probably its best episode of its early run. It would appear that the show is indeed evolving. The show is clearly taking advantage of the malleability of the network television schedule. After playing with different combinations and stories throughout the fall season, it’s now possible to hope that they’ve figured something out. The episode wasn’t heavy on the laughs, but sitcoms don’t have to generate a ton of laughs to be doing their best work. Go On has always envisioned itself as a show with genuine heart to go with their kooky cast of characters. Those weightier moments didn’t always feel earned. This week, the entire episode felt heartwarming instead of it being shoehorned in at the end. It was well-conceived, well-executed, and wonderfully acted by both Matthew Perry and Julie White. Read More...



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