Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Squeak Means Squeak”

Raising Hope continued its stellar third season tonight with another great episode in "Squeak Means Squeak". When just about every episode of this show addresses and pokes fun at some serious issues or teaches us a moral, it’s good to have an episode that addresses an issue that’s gone unchecked long enough: Squirrel rapists!

Yes, Raising Hope mercifully stopped trying to force their characters to learn some kind of lesson, and instead mostly focused on cracking us up. Probably the most outlandishly awesome storyline came from Burt and Virginia trying to track down a squirrel rapist that Burt claimed he saw in a park. I loved Burt frantically trying to retell the traumatic story of somebody being raped to Virginia, before actually clarifying that he wasn’t talking about a human being. I especially loved Virginia’s reaction, where she reminded Burt that he needs to start off his stories by telling her what species they’re talking about, which indicates that telling scandalous stories about animals isn’t new for Burt. The real payoff came from some fancy CGI that actually showed this perverted squirrel chasing down a poor, unsuspecting victim right in front of Virginia! I love that they didn’t just give Burt and Virginia secondary storyline where they just reacted to whatever was going on with Sabrina and Jimmy, and they actually had a more engaging story overall. Read More...



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