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Borrowing from one of my favorite shows of all time, the citizens of Bluebell held a picnic basket date auction in "Sparks Fly," this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. Just like when Gilmore Girls did it, baskets and dates got totally mixed up to somewhat surprising results, but unlike in Star Hollow, it was the men who put the baskets together and got bid on for dates.

Wade decided he wanted to date Zoe for real, and because Wade apparently gets to decide exactly when everything in this relationship happens, he immediately got huffy when Zoe didn’t automatically jump on board. I’m sorry; I realize he’s the fan favorite for her fair hand, but he’s kind of driving me up a wall lately. He’s always talking down to Zoe, making her feel like crap for just being her neurotic self. Why does he always get to be right? Why is it always Zoe who left looking like the bad guy just because she has a hard time figuring out what Wade wants from her? Read More...



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Dec 5, 2012 1:30PM EST

I love Tansy - so glad she is back and George and her are very cute together to my surprise as I was a bit of a fan of Tansy and Wade in Season 1. But this season - hey ultimately Zoe and Wade are a couple already - whether they realise it or not. Fact is Zoe chooses Wade all the time - she has done from the start. She may not do it in her heart, head or feelings, but she constantly chooses him in her actions. And let's face it love isn't something you feel it's something you do and when it comes to do, Zoe is Wade all the way. Every hurdle and obstacle he sets up she takes every time - anytime she could choose him over George she does and this week she went well out of her way to have the date he wanted. Let's be real he should have been happy that she said lets have another actually real date but no he wanted the one he set down and she did everything she could and more to have that happen. I am a huge Wade fan, but right now he needs his butt kicked - Zoe is clearly choosing him all the time - so hey he should just get over his insecurities and be happy and grateful the woman of his dreams loves him back every day in her actions if not in her utterances - despite her concerns - that's right loving him is hard for her but she does it every day anyway - it doesn't get much better than that - so Wade smarten up and stop cutting her off!!!

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