Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 5 Review “P & P Romance Factory”

This week’s Happy Endings, ‘P & P Romance Factory’ gives us our first look at Penny’s new boyfriend, lays on the Damon Wayans Jr funny stuff, and fills the rest of the time up with a strangely unfunny Dave/Max/Alex plot-line with handshake trickery.

Aw, dear Penny, will you ever catch a break? Not only did her little tumble down the stairs inflict her with a full-body cast a couple of weeks ago, but now she has to don a fetching helmet to compensate for all the times she bangs her head in a day (flashback montage included, of course). This wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t just met a really great guy (Nick Zano), and is forced to only go on helmet dates. Cue bike rides, quad bike safety courses and weird kitchen towel make-out sessions. Read More...



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