A bad copy, if it is... at best

I wouldn't compare MENTAL with HOUSE at all. Only thing in common is a hospital and an "unusual" doctor. Even with these things in common, there is no comparing: HOUSE is strong, suspenseful and the main character is interesting and smart. Each case is a mystery, so the stories are always something you want to see. MENTAL on the other hand, is bland at best. It's boringly predictable and the main character is "Mr. Goody Two Shoes". No challenge there. I think this show will last two seasons... if it's lucky. I don't see a future for a show like this. Viewers are more demanding today than ever before, so shows must have some special element to pull the public to them. Having said this, I hope writers pick on this blandness and come up with better character development and storylines, so that these good actors don't lose their jobs and don't waste an hour of our lives each time we see this.


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Jul 12, 2009 10:01PM EDT

I agree with you on most points, but your thesis that you "wouldn't compare Mental with House" is made irrelevant by the very good comparison you just made.
You are wise to point out that Mental still has time to change. House has the advantage of 5 seasons of character development. I will be surprised if Mental makes it to a second season.
House rides almost solely on the lead. It is a character piece. The medical jargon and even the plot points are scenery for what the viewer really wants to see, Dr. House.
Mental takes a bit of almost everything from House. From camera work to plot and character qualities, Mental is searching for the right formula but is missing a main ingredient.

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