Hart of Dixie Review: Amazing Facts and Feats

Zoe oh Zoe, what are you doing? 

Zoe's look of disappointment over George's acceptance of her relationship with Wade was not a fleeting response last week. Instead, it was a heartfelt admission that she isn't entirely into Wade. Zoe's disregard for his feelings at her door step and moving forward made the once fun and adorable Zoe into an unlikable gal.

In "Sparks Fly," after six days of separation, Wade put his heart out there and asked Zoe to go on a real, traditional date with him. Of course in Bluebell that means bidding on a charity basket to win a picnic date with him. Is Zoe selfish? Clueless? I'm not sure, but her reaction didn't make her look very good. All the guy wanted was to have a meal together and Zoe treated it like he was asking her for a lifetime commitment. Read More...



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