The Mindy Project Recap: Midwives With Attitude

Okay, you guys, so new theory: The centrifugal force of Mindy is too great to resist. There is nothing except Mindy. Which is awesome, in the sense that this is called The Mindy Project. But it’s not, in the sense that there are a bunch of other characters running around this thing.

And it’s particularly not when Mindy is out of the office for the day, which made for the lamest episode to date for me. We’re eight in, it had to happen sooner or later, yes. But I am starting to think it’s just too hard to compete with Mindy’s spectacularness. Morgan comes close in weirdness, and I still love Danny when he’s with Mindy. But, man, I’m starting to not care about all these other people. Like, really not care. They’re too sane and normal, which, yay in real life, not so much in sitcom-land. Read More...


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