Emily Owens MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Good and the Bad” – Happy Birthday, Baby

The titles of these episodes of Emily Owens, MD are kind of killing me. This week we were given "Emily and the Good and the Bad," which might be nice and literal, but doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

It was Emily’s birthday…but it was also Cassandra’s. Having the misfortune to share a birthday with her nemesis, is it little wonder that Emily didn’t want to celebrate? Will didn’t even know what day she was born after years of friendship. He only found out through Cassandra, who would have been quite happy being queen for the day all by herself. Another thing to add to my list of reasons to hate Cassandra; I love celebrating my birthday with my family and friends, but I hate women who expect the world to revolve around them once (or in the case of a former boss who had an immigration mix-up, twice) a year. Read More...



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