The New Normal Season 1 Review “Baby Proofing”: A Locked-Up, Drunken, Stuffed Christmas

This episode of The New Normal, "Baby Proofing," was a little bit uneven, I felt. It was still a good episode, but it felt a lot more low-key than other episodes. We did get a return visit from Cheri Oteri, so that’s always good.

Oteri’s character, the baby-proofing expert, was back to fill Bryan and David’s heads full of what not to do around a baby, how to baby-proof their entire home, and what objects could be potential hazards for their son. Of course, there’s still five months until the baby comes, which leads me to the question as to why they’re baby-proofing stuff now. Even after the baby is born, he’s just going to be held everywhere anyway and won’t be getting into a lot until he learns to crawl, which takes a while. Once a baby reached the crawling stage, that was when it was time to start baby-proofing. Perhaps it worked like that in your family. In any case, to start baby-proofing before the child gets out of the womb is a bit early. Read More...


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