Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Review “J’ai Obtenu Cette” — Getting Out Isn’t Easy

This week’s ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette’* saw the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy come to a close that wasn’t so much explosive as implosive. For all the chases and gunfights, SOA is arguably at its best when the major conflict is in the slightly more subtle power plays. And these folks definitely played with power.

Jax showed this leadership mettle this week when it was revealed that he never intended to let Pope kill Tig, something that we’ve been waiting for him to do all season. Instead he devised a plan to kill Pope — thereby installing August Marks, Pope’s second-in-command, in his place — and then frame Clay for the murder. The result is that Jax no longer has Pope’s need for vengeance against Tig/the club hanging over him andMarks wants Clay dead. Two birds, one stone. Read More...


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