'Survivor' - 'Shot Into Smithereens' recap: Did Malcolm just hand Lisa Whelchel a million bucks?

Individual rewards are usually more curse than blessing on "Survivor," and tonight's (Dec. 5) episode was no exception. With Lisa Whelchel at a psychological breaking point, Malcolm had the opportunity boost his ally's spirits and strengthen her resolve. But at what cost? Post-Tribal Malcolm once again consoles Lisa, but on her own later she acknowledges that going to the end with him and Denise is not a great strategy. But a betrayal, she says, opposes who she is as a person. That all changes when someone reminds her that the game really is different from real life. Reward Challenge Cue the soaring symphony, because it's family reunion time! And it's about to get more emotional than the "Dr. Phil" show. Skupin bursts into maniacal giggling when his son, Michael -- aka his "No. 1" -- emerges from the jungle. Even surfer dude Carter breaks down at the appearance of his mom, while both Malcolm and...



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