Despite the excessive amount of genre juggling this season, one of the joys of American Horror story will always be watching acclaimed film and TV actors sink their formidable teeth into tawdry and deranged roles. When it was announced a few months back that Deadwood's Ian McShane would be popping by as an "adversary of Sister Jude," I don't think any of us were expecting him to be a face-chewing, family-raping psychotic Santa Claus!

Maybe an esteemed doctor or, like, an Archbishop. Yeah, that's what I pictured. Not that McShane doesn't carry around a hefty amount of darkness with him already as an actor, but it's safe to say that I didn't see his turn as a mass-murdering Kris Kringle coming. Of course, the description of Zachary Quinto's character at the outset of the season was also that of someone who was to "butt heads" with Jude. But he really did calmly, but sternly, disagree with her over therapy...despite the fact that HE WAS ALSO A COMPLETE MANIAC! In fact, "Unholy Night" reminded me of the fun I had watching "I Am Anne Frank, Pt 2" and seeing Quinto's reveal as Bloody Face. It's was just good, sick fun. Read More...


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