This week's New Girl kicked off with an unlikely request from Jess, who decided it was time the apartment had a bathtub installed -- a simple notion, albeit one that would soon lead to painful repercussions for Jess... and Winston!

Not only was it hilarious that the two of them formulated plans to install a secret bathtub, but the disastrous results that followed set up perhaps one of the best dynamic duo stories of the season. Their mishap with the suits was a perfect way to tie them both into Schmidt's arc, while also jumpstarting their own string of comical hijinks. Even though the staged meth robbery had its share of great moments, I think it was Winston's "willies" that topped this story; the immediacy at which he would tear off his clothes at any given moment was priceless. Also, the reprise of Remmy the landlord was nice touch. All in all, Jess and Winston's whole thing just felt so deliciously Three's Company. Read More...


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