If a big question for Sons of Anarchy’s fifth season was whether power corrupts, the answer seemed to be a resounding "yes." Jax may have started off with high hopes to purge SAMCRO of the corruption Clay brought to the table, but in the end, as he said himself, maybe he wasn’t that different from Clay after all.

The situation with Pope demanding Tig’s life was high on the list of things to be concerned about when the episode started. At first glance, Jax appeared to be giving in to Pope’s demands to give Tig up. I know that Tig has done some really terrible things, he is one of the most volatile members of SAMCRO, but as Jax led him to his supposed slaughter I found myself hoping there was some plan in mind to turn the tables on Pope. The thought that Jax would betray a brother in that way was not something I wanted to watch. If you felt the same way, maybe you were as relieved as I was when Jax stormed in and saved Tig, cleverly finding a way to get rid of Pope and deflect all the heat onto Clay. It was a risky plan, as Tig shakily pointed out, but it had been set in motion at least an episode ago when we saw Juice make a point of getting Clay’s gun. Read More...


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