This week's "Lobster Crawl" was primarily centered on Robin, as she dealt with the aftermath of turning Barney down at the end of the last episode. And of course, once Robin had closed the door on Barney, she immediately realized that she now wanted him back desperately. The subsequent scheme entailed a Playbook-esque montage of hit-or-miss bits featuring Robin acting over-the-top ridiculous in an attempt to hook up with Barney. However, Lily's "lobster situation" analogy did prove to be a rather clever comparison.

For the most part, I did enjoy Ted's babysitting storyline, with Marshall and Lily missing out on all of Marvin's firsts. The initial conceit anyway provided some fun scenes, particularly any moment where Ted would call out off-camera for Marshall and Lily to hurry inside to see Marvin crawling, only for Marvin to stop when they approached the door. ("No. No, wait. It's over.") Read More...


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