Homeland -- and Brody -- went off the deep end this week with "Broken Hearts," a thrill-a-minute episode that is ultimately disheartening for the way it comes off like a rejected 24 pitch.

And it all started off so nicely, with Saul meeting Dar Adul (series newcomer F. Murray Abraham, glimpsed last week) for waffles. And spy talk, of course, as Saul tries to get a sense of what the deal is exactly with Peter Quinn -- if that's even his real name. The short scene gives the impression that Saul and Adul share a history, and not a particularly pleasant one. "You still afraid to get your hands dirty, Saul?" the black ops master spits at his colleague -- but only after waxing nostalgic over the good old days of the Cold War. Obviously Adul's destined to play a larger role in the remaining two episodes of the season, so hopefully we'll get more wordplay between these two soon enough. Read More...



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