This episode of Dexter wasn't exactly my favorite. Perhaps it was bound to happen. Not that I want to be totally negative, but any decent series, if it's lucky, has at least one lesser episode per season. It just took Dexter 10 episodes to get there in Season 7. But the fact that it's freakin' Season 7 and the show's been kind of killing it this entire time is still a testament to how much the writers stepped up their game, kept things moving, kept things suspenseful and kept things feeling right and natural. Especially all the interactions/arguments between Dexter and Deb in the first half of the season.

I guess one of the things I'm not fully enjoying about this second half of the season - the Hannah episodes - is the fact that all the emotional work that Dexter and Deb did at the outset of this season is now all coming undone, and the ostensible journey they were on to become a vigilante unit has now disintegrated to the point where they're actually going to wind up being full-on adversaries by the end of this run. "The Dark...Whatever," overall, felt a little like a filler episode; which every season of Dexter has. Even the almighty fourth season. But the fact that this one's landed so close to the finale is troublesome. Read More...


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