Right now, I’m guessing the Vampire Diaries shipper wars are super heightened. The introduction of the idea that Elena may be suddenly so into Damon not because of genuine feelings but rather because he is her sire, and therefore she basically has to do what he says and wants, is certainly a compelling (excuse the term) one – and another clever way for The Vampire Diaries creators to keep this love triangle going in a very complicated manner. We got a scene a ton of fans have been wanting to see since the show began -- Elena and Damon totally making with the sex! -- but it was simultaneously intercut with Caroline saying Elena had no choice in the matter! That’s actually a pretty heavy/creepy idea, and one that I’m guessing will piss off some of the more passionate "Delena" shippers. But I’m all for things being heavy and creepy in my teenage vampire romance stories, so I dig it. Read More...


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