Parenthood Season 4 Review “Trouble in Candyland”

Oh, Mark. It was really only a matter of time before your relationship fell apart.

And now, for the weekly rundown of the Braverman family from this week’s episode of Parenthood.

How dare you inconvenience a troubador?
The crazy lady chronicles continued this week at the Luncheonette. This time, Glen Hansard found himself in the woman’s wrath, as she had his car towed for being in "her spot."

Crosby finally broke down and told Adam about their new neighbor as well as the upcoming hearing. As expected, Adam arranged a meeting with crazy lady in an attempt to be reasonable and make a final appeal to her non-existent logical side in the hopes of finding a compromise. Also as expected, she persisted in her crass ways and even mocked Adam’s family issues. Read More...


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Dec 14, 2012 7:10AM EST

goodbye mark I am sorry to see you go and Sara is becoming one of the braverman's I least like how long is Hank going to last with her and the family?

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